R-R-R-T Randomn Ramadan Related Thoughts


hmmm at work on lunch break so might as well write something. My summer job will soon come to an end (friday), I’m going to miss it getting paid to do very little work, I spend most of my time reading articles online.

So we’ve reached Ramadan day four, Today was the first day I got to fast and I’m finding fasting surprisingly easy (well the hunger part that is), I think it’s because I don’t regularly eat a lot outside of Ramadan so I’m used to it.

I attended taraweeh last night and the masjid was PACKED.  On a normal non-Ramadan day theres maybe 2-10 sisters tops in the sisters area and sometimes its completely empty but it was jam-packed last night. We came a bit late so we had to pray in one of the hallways near the washroom and the kids daycare room (not the best place for concentration) but it was worth it nonetheless.

I was listening to this ilminar by Sh. Muhhammed Al-Shareef ( can be found here:  http://www.4shared.com/file/125775422/90492b61/The_Fasting__The_Furious_-_Ilminar.html —and one of his tips for people who don’t know Arabic is to read up on the translation the night before of what’s going to be read at taraweeh. I find it so much easier to concentrate on the parts of the Quran which I have memorized/read. So inshaAllah I want to implement that this year. Time and time again I realize how important it is to know Arabic. My Arabic class will be starting up again soon times, it has actually helped me in many ways though its only once a week, I can pick up on some words here and there.

My goals for Ramadan would be;

-Working on my relationship with the Quran, contemplating and reflecting on it

-Being more aware of my behavior while fasting.

-Trying to go to taraweeh every night insha’Allah

-Making the most of my time in general

I found this hadith below quite interesting./

The Prophet Sallahu Alayhi wasaallam is reported to have said, “Many a one who fasts obtains nothing from his fasting but hunger and thirst, and many a one who prayers during the night obtains nothing from his prayer but wakefulness.”

Danngg, Imagine fasting your whole life and not gaining any benefit from it because you don’t have the right intentions, May Allah protect us from that Ameen.


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